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Accolades for the Black Dog Institute e-Mental Health in Practice Project

19 June 2017 - Kate Clutton

Black Dog Institute’s (BDI) e-Mental Health in Practice (eMHPrac) initiative has won this year’s LearnX Social/Collaborative learning award.  The LearnX Impact Awards is an international awards program that recognises multiple fields within talent management across the corporate, education and public-service sectors.

The winning project

eMHPrac is a federally-funded project aimed at promoting the use of e-Mental Health Programs to health professionals. BDI approached Medcast to help develop an innovative method to introduce Australian GPs to a range of online mental health treatment programs that are available for their patients and to improve their confidence in using these programs in practice.

BDI and Medcast designed a suite of online education activities about e-Mental health that would engage busy, time-poor GPs. Dr Jan Orman and the eMHPrac project team at BDI, developed an exciting range of content that became available via an integrated learning and social platform. These offerings included:

  • Ongoing series of live webinars
  • Recorded webinars
  • Online learning modules
  • Regular blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Online community for education and knowledge sharing

For more information about the courses and community

Visit the Being Well blog to read more about e-Mental Health.

Kate Clutton
Kate Clutton

Kate is a Director at Medcast, leading education projects and partnerships dedicated to improving healthcare through innovative education. She began her career as an Occupational Therapist and has a Masters in Public Health. Kate worked in healthcare advisory services at KPMG, where she delivered evaluation, clinical redesign, and change-management services to government and NGOs.

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