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Combining the Medcast OSCE course and weekly role-plays with a colleague was a great asset for my preparation and helped me pass the OSCE exam. In the videoconferences the Medical Educator gives precise and easy practice tips to put in place to perform well.

The resource material is amazing, everything at once, in the same place, no loss of time searching for topics.

.” Dr Christine Rocuet

Thank you Medcast - I passed all 3 exams first go!

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Breaking Down the Silos in Mental Health Care
Breaking Down the Silos in Mental Health Care

February 14, 2017

Do you know the other professionals working in mental health in your area? Working in isolation in mental health is a great way to get burnt out. We all need support while we work to support the mental health of others.

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“I’m being bullied at work, doctor”
“I’m being bullied at work, doctor”

January 31, 2017

It’s Monday morning and you’re already 45 minutes behind. Jessie*, aged 39, walks into your consultation room and promptly bursts into tears. Between sobs she explains that she has reached the end of her tether at work due to “severe bullying” by a co-worker.

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Let's Play a Word Association Game
Let's Play a Word Association Game

January 17, 2017

If I say “old and…” what word is the first one that springs to your mind to complete the phrase? Is it old and wise, old and valuable, or does your mind run to old and grey, old and outdated, old and doddery, old and frail, or old and senile...

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Latest Courses

This ALM is designed to improve knowledge and skills in core GP supervision activities of in-practice teaching, planning learning, giving feedback and direct observation. Read More
SupportGPT is a series of online learning modules for in-practice teaching of registrars in their first and second general practice terms. Read More
This course is suitable for candidates planning to sit the FRACGP exams. This is a unique course that includes access to practice question, study guides & resources and support from Medical Educator Read More
This webinar reviews the impact of perinatal psychological distress and mood disorders and explores ways in which distress can be prevented, detected and treated. Read More
The ConnectGPT webinar series is a free series of webinars for GP Registrars and GPs on the independent pathway, delivered by expert GPs and Medical Educators and bought to you by MedCast.  The webinars will assist GP Registrars in preparation for the FRACGP Exams. Read More
This course is suitable for candidates planning to sit the FRACGP OSCE exams in 2017.1. Read More