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Stephen Barnett

At Medcast we support you to be the best healthcare professional possible.

A/Prof. Stephen Barnett

Medcast Founder And Educator

Medcast provides healthcare education across

Primary Care BU

Primary Care

Whether it's CPD or GP Training, Medcast offers the most up-to-date courses, learnings and exam prep to inspire you in your career. Discover how we can help make you a better GP.

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Critical Care

Trusted by thousands of nurses, doctors and medical staff across Australia, our goal is simple - to provide online and face-to-face education that's as incredible as the job you do everyday. Because when it's critical, it has to be memorable.

Aged Care BU

Aged Care

Medcast offers excellence in Aged Care education. We deliver bespoke, tailored courses for organisations and Aged Care professionals. Gain accreditation and qualification through The Medcast Institute.

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Organisations & Businesses

At Medcast our tailored solutions go further to meet your needs and solve your organisation's problems. It's why we're trusted by some of the largest healthcare groups in Australia, across a range of sectors.


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At Medcast we bring the latest learnings from the researchers to the front line as quickly as possible. Discover a bank of pertinent, up-to-date resources.


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This course was the best I’ve attended in my nursing career.

Maggie – The ALERT™ Course, Adelaide

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Crystal Smith

Crystal Smith RN, BN, GradCert(CritCareNurs), GradCert(ChnNurs), M.Ed, has been working in clinical and tertiary settings for over 15 years. She has a range of experience in both Adult and Paediatric Critical Care areas including...


The latest healthcare news from Medcast

Can I have medical cannabis on PBS doctor?
Can I have medical cannabis on PBS doctor?

I’ve been asked this question twice in the last month. Once by a 70 year old patient who has taken up smoking weed to control her neuropathic pain, let’s call her ‘Rachel’. And the other a young man aged 26 (Sean) who is smoking cannabis to help control his chronic anxiety.

Standardising Emergency Numbers: The Push for 2222
Standardising Emergency Numbers: The Push for 2222

The move to standardise emergency numbers within hospitals, to make them similar to the standardised emergency numbers that are utilised in the community setting, is gaining momentum.

PODCAST: Acute Diverticulitis
PODCAST: Acute Diverticulitis

Stan, aged 80, comes to see you with left side abdominal pain and a low-grade fever. This is a classic example of a common problem doctors face in General Practice. In our Podcast we discuss Diagnosis, Assessment, Management & Referral.

Disempowering Pornography
Disempowering Pornography

At the RACGP annual conference this year (GP19) Dr Anita Elias spoke eloquently and persuasively about the psychological impact of young people’s access to, and use of, online pornography. It is no longer just a speculative idea based on clinical anecdotes. Research evidence confirms that viewing pornography at a young age is having a significant and damaging impact on young people’s sexual attitudes and behaviours and their emotional states.

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