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A letter from Joanna
A letter from Joanna

September 17, 2019

Recently I received a letter from a patient of mine. Joanna is a 50 something woman who suffers from recurrent unipolar depression. She has given me her permission to share her letter with you.

10 things everyone should know about Employee Assistance Programs
10 things everyone should know about Employee Assistance Programs

September 03, 2019

What do you know about Employee Assistance Programs and Providers? It’s all too easy as an employee or even as a mental health service provider to overlook the availability of EAPs, but they can provide useful and affordable support for many people facing mental health challenges in the workforce.

Resuscitation trolley checking: Making it a priority
Resuscitation trolley checking: Making it a priority

August 28, 2019

Who checks the resuscitation or emergency trolley in your workplace? It’s easy to find guidelines about what items to include on the trolley, depending on your clinical environment. What’s not as easy is how to ensure that staff prioritise completing the checks, especially when you consider the ever-expanding lists of tasks that must be performed.

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