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The Power of a Good Reframe
The Power of a Good Reframe

July 18, 2017

I think I’ve finally found a cognitive reframe that works for me – and it’s all about terminology.

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Managing the Dark Side (of Social Media)
Managing the Dark Side (of Social Media)

July 04, 2017

Many of my consultations these days include some discussion of the distress my patients are feeling about something they have seen or something that has been said or done to them on social media. Often it’s just a misunderstanding by a sensitive and vulnerable person. But it is sometimes due to deliberate attempts by others to upset and disturb them.

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The Idiots Guide to the OSCE. Part 2: What do registrars need to do?
The Idiots Guide to the OSCE. Part 2: What do registrars need to do?

July 03, 2017

The OSCE is the ‘highest order’ exam, in which a candidate ‘shows’ what they can do. This blog post includes some tips for registrars preparing for the exam.

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This course is suitable for candidates planning to sit the 2018.1 FRACGP exams. This is a unique course that includes access to practice question, study guides & resources and support from Medical Educator. Read More
This course is suitable for candidates planning to sit the FRACGP OSCE exams in 2017.2. Read More
In this live webinar, the expert panel will discuss the clinical challenges in the diagnosis and management of lipid disorders Read More
In this webinar an expert panel discuss the key diagnostic features and management options for pigmented lesions, especially malignant melanoma. Read More
In this webinar we will discuss suicide in Australia and examine some of the ways in which online tools can be useful in suicide prevention. Read More
This ALM is designed to improve knowledge and skills in core GP supervision activities of in-practice teaching, planning learning, giving feedback and direct observation. Read More








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