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How to Dress for OSCE Success
How to Dress for OSCE Success

September 15, 2017

In the weeks leading up to the OSCE, the question of how to dress for your exam is sure to pop up. However, your appearance is so much more than what you wear on the day.

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Exercise Schmexercise
Exercise Schmexercise

September 12, 2017

Do you know anyone who has difficulty motivating themselves to exercise? I think we all know people who get too depressed to exercise or too anxious to leave the house. But there are other people who, despite a lack of “diagnosis”, find exercise hugely difficult to contemplate.

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The KFP, it's just another working week
The KFP, it's just another working week

September 04, 2017

It's Monday morning. You're feeling bright and refreshed after the weekend, and looking forward to some interesting challenges. Your first patient is Louisa Hill, aged 43 years. "I'm tired Doc". Great start.

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THE EASIEST way to be CPD compliant.  You get access to our existing library of CPD activities PLUS invitations to our monthly live expert presentations via webinar PLUS receive our cutomised CPD workbook to use to easily track your activities. Read More
This recorded webinar includes a discussion on the use of mobile apps in mental health work. Read More
This recorded webinar will discuss the stepped care model and how e-mental health fits within it. Read More
This recorded webinar introduces e-mental health programs for children and young people. Read More
This recorded webinar presents perspectives and case studies demonstrating the use of e-MH resources in psychological practice. Read More
This recorded webinar covers e-Mental Health self-help programs and approaches to using these in practice. Read More

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