Down the Rabbit Hole (... mid OSCE station)

You are mid OSCE station and you’ve hit a roadblock. Not sure what to ask next, where to go, where you have gone wrong? You have no idea what the diagnosis is and are getting poker faces from the examiners. What do you do next?

Managing the Dark Side (of Social Media)

Many of my consultations these days include some discussion of the distress my patients are feeling about something they have seen or something that has been said or done to them on social media. Often it’s just a misunderstanding by a sensitive and vulnerable person. But it is sometimes due to deliberate attempts by others to upset and disturb them.

Learning to Manage Your Bipolar Disorder

Managing bipolar disorder is challenging for patients and practitioners alike. Making the diagnosis in the first place is often a challenge, but once it’s made many patients and their health care practitioners are unaware that there’s more to managing bipolar disorder than juggling the medications and doing the blood tests. Listen to the podcast and read the blog.