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Virtual Educational Visiting

Tailored, interactive, small group learning for your practice.

Stay up to date with the latest evidence and clinical information in this interactive whole of practice learning experience, designed specifically for General Practices and Aboriginal Health Services.

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Beyond the Pain: Best Practice Approach to Managing Gout
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Rheumatologist Dr Adam Maundrell, and Dr Caroline West discuss the latest evidence and best practice guidelines on diagnosis and management of gout in primary care.

1 hour WATCH
Gout Treatment Algorithm
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Provides evidence-based guidance to assist health professionals in optimising patient care through targeted urate-lowering therapy, patient education, and continuous treatment management.

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Managing gout in 2024 – are you up to date?
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Challenges of diagnosis and management of eczema in patients with skin of colour
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Optimising paediatric Eczema Care: A Nurses’ Guide
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My patients are concerned about the safety of topical corticosteroids – should they be?
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Navigating the Eczema Journey
Jaime has suffered from severe eczema for most of his life. This podcast delves into the interactions that take place between c...
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Paediatric Eczema Management: Mini Audit
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This mini audit activity provides you with the tools to review best practice guidelines and the opportunity to reflect on your current management of children with eczema.

3.5 hrs ENROL
Practical solutions to paediatric eczema care
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This webinar will use case studies to apply the Eczema Care Plan demonstrating up to date eczema management including the application of creams, wet dressings & bleach baths.

1 hr WATCH
Join us in improving this program
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We are always looking to improve our programs and we would love your health professional input. You are invited to take part in the co-design of the education interventions.

PSA Education Hub
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The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) is proud to be an integral member of the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) Alliance, addressing safety and quality use of medicines. Explore PSA's educational material here.