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Telehealth Billing and Compliance: Understanding the Nuances for Australian GPs

Explore telehealth billing nuances, differentiating telephone consultations from broader telehealth under Australian legislation. In the dynamic digital healthcare landscape, General Practitioners must master compliance details for optimal patient care.

Telehealth in Australia: Embracing Change and Navigating Compliance
Telehealth in Australia: Embracing Change and Navigating Compliance
A/Prof Stephen Barnett

Explore the evolution of telehealth in Australia, from its rapid expansion to the recent permanence of telehealth items. Dr. Stephen Barnett and Loryn Einstein guide GPs through billing complexities, emphasising compliance and the need for ongoing education in this ever-changing landscape.

Navigating the consultation
Navigating the consultation
Dr Simon Morgan

At the core of general practice is the consultation.  In its simplest form, the consultation can be regarded as the sharing of information between patient and doctor in order to facilitate both a common understanding and a plan of management.