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Fight back. Never yield: Atrial Fibrillation

09 November 2020 - Eyob Gebreyohannes

I was able to witness patients whose stroke could have been prevented with optimisation of the quality of anticoagulation and access to more convenient anticoagulants than warfarin.

I believe it is time to fight back and prevent stroke because of AF. But, hospitals cannot accommodate everyone on a routine basis. In this regard, GPs can play the central role as the primary healthcare setting is a gateway to and the backbone of the healthcare system. I believe by effectively utilising the primary healthcare setting, we can optimise anticoagulation in patients with AF, thereby reducing the incidence and severity of stroke.

Currently, I am doing my PhD at the University of Western Australia. At this time, I have come to realise three things:

  1. AF is causing a substantial burden both in developing countries such as Ethiopia and developed ones such as Australia;
  2. Stroke secondary to AF is preventable; and
  3. GPs can play a central role in reducing the incidence of stroke secondary to AF.

To this end, I plan to conduct a short semi-structured interview with GPs practicing in WA general practices, and hearing the thoughts of GPs is an invaluable critical step in my efforts to optimise anticoagulation management in people with AF. I highly value your willingness and time to share your experiences. As a sign of appreciation, I will be reimbursing you with a $100 gift card. Hence, I humbly invite you to participate in my project. You can find more information in the below linked documents.

Eyob Gebreyohannes


View the Participant Information Form here.

View the study recruitment materials here. 

Eyob Gebreyohannes
Eyob Gebreyohannes

BPharm, MSc, Ph.D. Candidate

Division of Pharmacy • School of Allied Health

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Western Australia 

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