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Lunch and Learn: Revolutionise accreditation & clinical education

Elevating clinical excellence with Medcast's LXP

In the realm of healthcare, where adherence to the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards is paramount, meeting the clinical demands, organisational constraints and accreditation requirements are a challenge.  In this lunch and learn, we will provide you with the tools to achieve these goals by showcasing how Medcast's learning experience platform (LXP) has emerged as a strategic instrument that seamlessly aligns with and propels organisations toward clinical excellence.

Streamlining accreditation and reporting process

Our dedicated Information and Technology Team are industry leaders and have built the Medcast LXP to optimise the user interface for a seamless learning experience.

Achieving accreditation requirements for compliance, resuscitation and clinical education can easily be delivered, tracked and reported via the purpose built platform. Making it easy for you to be ready for short-notice accreditation and three yearly accreditation.

The team has worked with healthcare organisations to develop a system that provides real-time insights, allowing organisations to monitor progress, track performance, and generate comprehensive reports tailored to accreditation requirements. 

Transformative learning management for clinical skills

A robust learning management system wouldn’t be complete without purpose-built and engaging learning. We understand the grind of compliance training, and we have tapped into the experience of our Head of Education who was a winner of a CEO award for Innovation and Excellence for the delivery of a mandatory training program that improved attendance, reduced time off the floor and provided engaging learning that met performance indicators including accreditation requirements. This knowledge has been used to develop a series of eLearning compliance modules that use patient case studies to address each of the 8 National standards.

Navigating accreditation challenges with Medcast

Join us in this webinar to explore how Medcast can provide a dynamic solution and help you navigate the intricacies of accreditation, reporting, and compliance. 

Accreditation requirements are non-negotiable, and with the new short-notice accreditation, Medcast's LXP can transform the accreditation journey into a strategic advantage for organisations committed to excellence.

Who should attend this webinar?

You should attend this webinar if you are interested in understanding the solution to your organisation's accreditation requirements and wish to learn how this can facilitate your reporting and compliance needs and optimise the performance of your organisations biggest asset - your staff, including:

  • Mandatory and compliance training
  • Continuing professional development
  • Improve clinical skills and confidence
  • Lowering administrative burden
  • Assisting with meeting accreditation standards
  • Rapidly deploying and monitoring uptake of new initiatives
  • Improving quality
  • Lowering organisational risk

When and how to attend the webinar

This webinar is free and available on demand.

Feedback from course participants

"This learning is very relevant to staff working in a health service organisation, the education provided in this learning is very helpful and beneficial in assisting us to be accreditation ready."

"Very well delivered. Brought up very interesting points about why quick assessment notices work"

"Nice quick snapshot of ways to become prepared for short notice accreditation and improving compliance with competency assessments"

Course Educators
Susan Helmrich
Susan Helmrich

Susan Helmrich RN, DipAppScNsg, BN, CritCareCert, CoronaryCareCert, TraumaNsgCareCert, CertIV(TAE), MN(Ed), GradCert(Ldrshp & Mgt) has extensive experience ...


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