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Critical Bytes: Code Crimson - MTP - On Demand

Code crimson, uncontrolled bleeding, catastrophic blood loss, massive haemorrhage, exsanguination, big bleed! These are all terms describing patients who require urgent management to save their life. To restore adequate blood volume in situations where a patient has lost more than half their circulating blood volume, management via initiation of the massive transfusion protocol (MTP) will be required. 

Code crimson is a term used to identify trauma patients who require urgent management, similar to a patient with a STEMI, initiating a code crimson can help get the patient to definitive care more rapidly. A crimson blanket is used to easily identify the situation for these patients. However not all patients who require MTP are trauma patients. Obstetric patients, and patients undergoing major surgery may require MTP if they have complications resulting in uncontrolled bleeding & haemorrhagic shock.

MTP is a time critical intervention for all patients experiencing massive blood loss. Rapid assessment and access to protocols is essential for all clinicians working in pre-hospital trauma services, emergency departments, ICU, obstetrics and the operating room. The ability to activate and deliver care during a MTP activation is complex. This Critical Byte will provide you with the knowledge of when to activate a code crimson utilisation of  MTP, including how to deliver the required care rapidly, safely and effectively.

Course Educators
Susan Helmrich
Susan Helmrich

Susan Helmrich RN, DipAppScNsg, BN, CritCareCert, CoronaryCareCert, TraumaNsgCareCert, CertIV(TAE), MN(Ed), GradCert(Ldrshp & Mgt) has extensive experience ...

Grace Larson
Grace Larson

Grace Larson, RN, BN, CertIV(TAE), GradDipClinNurs(PaedCritCare), MAdNursPrac(PaedCritCare), has extensive experience in paediatric nursing, with 13 years in Pa...


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