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Perioperative emergencies: Perioperative Nursing Update Course Module 4

About The Perioperative Nursing Update Course

The Perioperative Nursing Update Course has been developed by Medcast’s expert clinical educators to provide a comprehensive course suitable to experienced perioperative nurses and those new to perioperative nursing or looking to work in the field. 

Content Supporting The Requirements of Nurses

Content is based on contemporary practices throughout the perioperative environment and support the requirements of nurses working as:

  • Pre-admissions nurses - The coordinator of care
  • Anaesthetic assistant -  The patient advocate & collaborator
  • Scrub Scout nurses - The intraoperative guardians
  • PACU nurses - The recovery and discharge expert

Flexible 5-Module Course Delivery

The course has been divided into 5 modules delivered throughout the year. Each module consists of 2 live/on-demand webinars delivered one month apart. The webinars are supported by interactive eLearning case studies to extend your knowledge & expertise.

Each of the 5 modules can be undertaken and provide 3 hours of CPD for each module or all 5 modules can be completed for 15 hours of CPD. You may choose to enrol in any of the 5 modules.  The entire course is included in the Medcast Plus subscription or each part can be purchased for $99.

Module 4: Perioperative Emergencies


Discover vital insights into perioperative emergencies, encompassing anaesthesia-related complications and surgical emergencies. Explore early recognition, management strategies, and preventive measures for these critical events in surgical settings. Enhance your knowledge and preparedness to handle perioperative emergencies with confidence and efficiency.

This module will focus on:

  • Management of the difficult airway when you “can’t intubate and can’t oxygenate” (CICO)

  • Recognition and treatment of anaphylaxis in the perioperative setting

  • Implementation of the Massive Transfusion Protocol in the event of a major haemorrhage

  • Application of CRM principles to ensure a timely and effective response to emergencies

  • Utilisation of the Malignant Hyperthermia pathway including reversal agents

  • Identification of the signs and symptoms of local anaesthetic (LA) toxicity and the treatment required

Delivered over 2 webinars and interactive eLearning case studies, this module will explore the recognition and response to perioperative emergencies such as CICO, anaphylaxis, massive haemorrhage, LA toxicity and malignant hyperthermia combined with the principles of CRM. We will investigate various skills to optimise patient outcomes when faced with unexpected emergencies in the perioperative environment.

 The first webinar will cover perioperative emergencies including:

  • “Can't intubate, can’t oxygenate” (CICO)

  • Anaphylaxis

The second webinar will cover key concepts in the management of these emergencies including:

  • Massive Haemorrhage Protocol (MHP or MTP)

  • Principles of Crisis Resource Management (CRM)

The online interactive case studies cover the rare but potentially life threatening emergencies of Malignant Hyperthermia and Local Anaesthetic (LA) toxicity that may occur in the perioperative patient.

Target Audience:

This webinar is ideal for perioperative nurses, nursing students, and healthcare professionals interested in perioperative care.

Webinar Dates:

Session 1 Emergencies: CICO and Anaphylaxis - August 5th

Session 2 Emergencies: Massive Transfusion Protocol & CRM - September 9th

Webinar Times:

AEST 1900-2000 NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT, QLD

ACST 1830-1930 SA, NT

AWST 1700-1800 WA

Course Educators
Ken Hambrecht
Ken Hambrecht

Ken Hambrecht RN, ICU Cert., B.Sc, (Physiology & Biochem.), M.I.Biol, M.Ed., J.P. MACN, has extensive experience in Critical Care practice & Medical edu...

Dr Paula Foran
Dr Paula Foran

Dr Paula Foran, RN, ARR Cert, Cert IV (Assessment & Training), M.Ed, PhD. is currently the co-ordinator for the master level in nursing at The University of...

Susan Helmrich
Susan Helmrich

Susan Helmrich RN, DipAppScNsg, BN, CritCareCert, CoronaryCareCert, TraumaNsgCareCert, CertIV(TAE), MN(Ed), GradCert(Ldrshp & Mgt) has extensive experience ...

Deb Evans
Deb Evans

DebEvans, RN, BSc, DipAnaes&PostAnaesNsg, CritCareCert, DipProfStudies, Teach&AssessClin.PractCert, CertIV(TAE) has extensive background in Perioperativ...


Live Webinar

Monday 5 August 2024

05/08/2024 7:00 pm (Sydney time)
09/09/2024 7:00 pm (Sydney time)


Duration: 3 hours

3 hours of CPD

Educational Activities: 2 hours

Reviewing Performance: 1 hours

Areas Of Interest: Critical Care, Perioperative


Nurses, Nurse Practitioners

Price $99.00 AUD (incl. GST)

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