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Critical Bytes - The role of crisis resource management

In high-stakes clinical situations where decisions made in seconds can determine patient outcomes, the importance of Crisis Resource Management (CRM) cannot be overstated. 

Optimising patient care, improving safety and minimising patient harm are all key aspects of CRM principles.

A vital skill for all healthcare workers, CRM often labelled as ‘non-technical skills’ in fact require knowledge, training and practice to develop, playing a crucial part in supporting a culture of safety, efficiency and collaboration. Originally developed for aviation, CRM principles have been integrated into healthcare as a framework for enhancing teamwork, communication and decision-making in high pressure situations. 

Using relevant case studies, this Critical Bytes webinar will focus on the five key principles of CRM:

  • Situation Awareness: Maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the environment and foreseeing potential challenges.
  • Decision Making: Applying critical thinking to make informed, timely decisions.
  • Teamwork and Communication: Ensuring clear, concise, and respectful dialogue within the team.
  • Leadership: Providing direction and coordination during high-stress situations.
  • Coping with Stress: Managing personal and team stress to maintain focus and efficiency.


"Easy to follow session with an engaging presenter, the use of case studies help connect the dots and really kept me engaged"

"Some new concepts I had never heard of before were very insightful"

"The scope of the course allows a well rounded application of many skills to crisis resource management. The case studies pulled all the learning together"

Course Educators
Susan Helmrich
Susan Helmrich

Susan Helmrich RN, DipAppScNsg, BN, CritCareCert, CoronaryCareCert, TraumaNsgCareCert, CertIV(TAE), MN(Ed), GradCert(Ldrshp & Mgt) has extensive experience ...


Recorded Webinar

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2 hours of CPD - Educational Activity

Areas Of Interest: Critical Care, Emergencies, Medical Education, Patient safety, Resuscitation


All Health Professionals, Medical Practitioners, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Paramedics

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