Does anyone like podcasts?

Does anyone like podcasts?

Podcasts are a great way to get a dose of education or relaxation without having to stop whatever else it is you are doing.

I listen to This American Life on long drives from one workplace to another, to the BBC Comedy shows while exercising (I need something to take my mind off the pain of it all) and to Radio Lab while I knit or make jewellery or cook dinner. I save the New Yorker Fiction Podcast for long soaks in the bath at the end of the hardest days.

Not very educational did I hear you say? Maybe not about medicine but certainly educational about life and isn’t that what we GPs are supposed to be specialists in!

At Black Dog Institute we have a range of podcasts about subjects related to mental health. The Expert Insights podcast is an edited recording of a regular meeting we have at the Institute for health professionals and others with a panel of experts discussing a particular theme. Topics include Lifestyle Interventions in Mental Health, Bipolar, Borderline or Both?, Insomnia and Is It Grief or Depression? Discussion is lively and includes input from a variety of experts including a consumer.

There will be more Expert Insights Podcasts as the year goes on, as well as a new series of short podcasts from eMHPrac called Ask the Experts, where we will discuss issues specifically related to eMH.

The expert Insights Podcasts can be found here. Watch this space for more about the Ask the Experts podcasts when they go online

And in case you are interested, here are the details of those favourites of mine:

BBC Comedy Podcast

This American Life


New Yorker Fiction Podcast

Dr Jan Orman

Jan is Sydney GP, private psychological medicine practitioner in Sydney’s inner west and a GP educator for Black Dog Institute.

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