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Tools for your practice: VETERAN lens autofill template

11 July 2024 - Dr Catherine Eltringham

When a veteran is first transitioned to civilian life, they are entitled to a Veteran Health Check, this outlines all the important occupational factors that can impact on health.

Once the veteran is no longer eligible for the Veteran Health Check, the GP must find another way to recall the important service details that may impact on the veterans health, and that of their family.

This impact may occur many years after the initial transition, so exploring these factors is important over time.

What aspects of the Veteran Health Check do we want to incorporate into all relevant consultations with Veterans at any time after transition?

Those represented in the VETERANS lens. This lens can be utilised in consultation with veterans, and their family members, to enable the GP to understand the social, environmental and employment context of the veteran. This understanding can then be extended to the types of physical and mental health conditions the GP will be considering based on the impact of potential occupational exposures and career experiences.


Ensuring you have explored all the relevant aspects of a Veteran history and context can benefit from a brief guide. To enable easier recall of the VETERANS Lens topics, you can utilise the VETERAN lens autofill template represented below. For further outline on the context, see more here.

Autofill template:

(Copy this information into your system to use as an autofill function)

Previous Issue / Plans / Referrals:


Values and Culture

Exposure: ears, eyes and other occupational


Emotional History: mental health, wellbeing, connectedness
Consider tools such as: DASS 21 / K10 / PC-PTSD

Review usual medical care including sexual health:

Alcohol and substance use:
Consider tools such as CAGE / Audit-C

Navigating the system:

Supports social and resources:

Summary: Problems / Impressions / Issues

Recommendations / Management Plans

Referrals / Follow Up Plans


Dr Catherine Eltringham
Dr Catherine Eltringham

Catherine is a GP in Geelong, Victoria. She has been involved in a wide variety of Medical Education opportunities, these include GP training, lecturing in Medicine at Deakin University, and providing clinical consultancy for the Deakin Indigenous Health team. Over recent years Catherine has moved into planning and facilitating the professional development of Medical Educators and GP Supervisors as well as learning (like everyone else) to do all of this online. Catherine strives to ensure her education events are engaging and innovative, with a dose of appropriate fun. 

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