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PRECISE Genomics Research Project: Increasing Capacity for Precision Medicine in Primary Healthcare

14 December 2023 - Kate Clutton

Revolutionising Precision Medicine in Primary Healthcare

The PRECISE (Practitioner Readiness, Education and Capabilities, with Implementation Science Evaluation) Genomics Research Project, brings together expertise in genomics, education, and implementation science for a truly collaborative effort to revolutionise precision medicine in primary healthcare.

Dynamic Partnership for Precision Healthcare

The PRECISE team is a dynamic partnership featuring the University of Sydney, Medcast, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, RACGP, ACRRM, PHNs and a diverse range of primary care and education partners, including consumers. Yes, it's a scientific dream team that has come together for a singular purpose – to revolutionise precision medicine in primary healthcare.

Leading the charge is the brilliant Clinical Geneticist Dr. Alan Ma (CIA). With a $1.9 Million MRFF 2022 Genomics Health Futures Mission grant tucked under their belt, the PRECISE team is gearing up for a transformative journey between 2023 and 2026.

Empowering Primary Care for Genomic Integration

But why genomics, you ask? Well, primary care practitioners are in a unique position to enable the widespread application of precision medicine in the community. The project will develop resources to empower these practitioners in the world of genomics and develop evidence-based strategies for a seamless integration of genomics into primary healthcare.

Medcast: Delivering Dynamic Education for Primary Care

Enter Medcast, the dynamic industry partner led by A/Prof. Stephen Barnett, who will spearhead the delivery of the education for primary care. In addition the team includes a University of Sydney powerhouse of expertise across various specialties and networks:

  • Community and Primary Care: CI Prof. Meredith Makeham

  • Specialty of Genomic Medicine and Children's Hospital Westmead clinical school: CIA Dr Ma, CIs Prof. Robyn Jamieson, Clin. Prof. Kristi Jones

  • School of Public Health and Daffodil Centre: CIs Prof. Anne Cust, A/Prof Julia Steinberg,  Dr Amelia Smit, Dr Kate Dunlop, Dr Carissa Bonner

  • Health Professions Education CI Prof. Lynn Monrouxe

  • Postgraduate Education: CI A/Prof. Shailendra Sawleshwarkar

Powerhouse Expertise Across Specialties and Networks

But wait, there's more! The PRECISE team has enlisted an army of collaborators, including:

  • Implementation Science (CI A/Prof. Nicole Rankin - University of Melbourne)

  • NSW Health HETI/Centre Genetics Education (AIs Middleton and Morrow)

  • Australian Genomics (CI Boggs, AI Terrill)

  • Consumers: Genetic Alliance and Health Consumers NSW

  • Primary Healthcare networks and General Practice partners: RACGP (CI – Prof. David Wilkinson), ACRRM, WentWest, Western NSW PHN, HealthPathways and additional general practitioners in metropolitan and rural practices as part of the team.


Look out for primary care genomics education coming to you in 2024!

Kate Clutton
Kate Clutton

Kate is a Director at Medcast, leading education projects and partnerships dedicated to improving healthcare through innovative education. She began her career as an Occupational Therapist and has a Masters in Public Health. Kate worked in healthcare advisory services at KPMG, where she delivered evaluation, clinical redesign, and change-management services to government and NGOs.

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