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PODCAST: Blepharitis

29 October 2019 - A/Prof Stephen Barnett

Paul is aged 40, and comes to see you with persistent, red, sore, scratchy eyes. He is really troubled with these symptoms which keep recurring. On examination he has red, inflamed, slightly crusty lids and some scleral injection.

He has tried eye drops from the pharmacy and two of your colleagues have twice prescribed him some topical Chloramphenicol.

Paul has Blepharitis. From the GP's perspective it can be difficult to know what to do and how to manage.

In our free Keep it Simple Summary (KISS) update we discuss Diagnosis, Assessment, Management & Referral of a variety of hot topics. To read all about the latest on Blepharitis click here or listen to the podcast:

For more KISS on clinical topics relevant to GPs please click here.

A/Prof Stephen Barnett
A/Prof Stephen Barnett

Stephen is a GP Supervisor, Medical Educator, GP academic and Medical Director of Medcast. He has completed a PhD on Virtual Communities of Practice in GP Training.

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