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Medcast Partners with Sydney University on Groundbreaking Aged Care Study

26 February 2024 - A/Prof Stephen Barnett

Medcast is excited to announce our involvement in a transformative project, The General Practice and Residential Aged Care Study of Virtual Care Models (The Grace-VC Study), led by Professor Meredith Makeham at the University of Sydney. The study, funded through the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), for $1,468,436, aims to revolutionise care for residents in aged care facilities by implementing a safe, person-centred virtual care model.

Addressing the GP Shortage in Residential Aged Care Homes

The Grace-VC Study focuses on addressing the urgent need for improved GP services within residential aged care homes (RACHs), especially in areas where there is a significant decline in GP availability. This is increasingly becoming a challenge, not just in rural regions but also in urban centres.  By leveraging virtual care video (VCV) services, the study seeks to enhance residents' access to GP-led care in their ‘homes', with the aim to significantly improve the quality of life for aged care residents.

Collaboration and Partnerships

The project will draw expertise from partners from academia, industry, primary health and aged care sectors including NSW Primary Health Networks, Royal Australian College of General Practice, Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, Australian Digital Health Agency, Health Consumers NSW, Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council, Hammondcare, Calvary and Medcast.

‘It is very exciting to see the GRACE-VC study come to life with Medcast and our other community and Primary Health Care partners. We are working together to shape and deliver research that is highly valued by the community. We hope our work will be of great benefit to people living in residential aged care settings and the clinicians who look after them. I’m really looking forward to seeing how we can drive healthcare reform and improve virtual care services with this project.’ Professor Meredith Makeham


Medcast’s Contribution and Commitment

Medcast’s role as an industry partner will be to collaboratively develop and host a comprehensive suite of education and resources to support the new model of care. These resources will be tailored for residents/carers, GPs, and RACH clinicians and organisations.

Medcast's involvement in The Grace-VC Study highlights our commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative solutions and partnerships. We are proud to be part of this crucial effort to enhance the health outcomes and care of aged care residents across Australia.

Stay tuned for more updates on this pioneering project that sets the stage for a brighter, healthier future for our aged care community.

the grace-vc study

A/Prof Stephen Barnett
A/Prof Stephen Barnett

Stephen is a GP Supervisor, Medical Educator, GP academic and Medical Director of Medcast. He has completed a PhD on Virtual Communities of Practice in GP Training.

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