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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move users between teams?

Yes, you can use the "Move User" function to transfer a team member between teams within an organisation. This adds the user as a "Learner" system role in the new team and then deletes all System Roles for that user in the old team.

Please note Automation Events may fire depending on what business rules have been setup for the team/organisation.

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Via the Users area in Team Learning

How do I add users?

Just click the user's full name

Provided you have permission, just click on the Edit User link

Yes you can do this via the user profile of the manager. Just click on the plus (+) symbol in the Direct Reports section

Provided you have the 'Course Enrolment Administrator' permission you can enrol team members in courses that your company has licensed through Medcast

On the Pending Invitations page you can see any user invitations that have been created but not yet accepted. From this page you can re-send the invitation or delete it.

Users in the Team Learning system must be assigned at least one manager. This can be any user who is a member of any System Role where "Is Manager" is set to true, or the manager can be set to "Self" in the case that there is no suitable manager to be assigned.

You can deactivate them but it's a good idea to check for any direct reports.
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