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Team Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Your dashboard is the first page you see when you access the administration area. If you have access to more than one team you will be shown the team at the highest level.

The platform can support as complex or as simple a structure as required.

Leverage Team Learning quick links

As the Team Learning system is based on a hierarchical team structure, Cascading allows an entity such as a Course, Job Role, Resource to be managed by a parent team and then made available to children teams.
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The Learning Experience and Administration Platform offers a variety of reports that are constant updated ensuring your data is up to date. Many reports can be export to a CSV file for further data manipulation.

Progress Charts

Compliance by Team

How can I see compliance of my team by location/team?

How do I see individual staff progress?

Use the Compliance by Employee

The easiest way is to use the user login activity report

The best way is via the Direct Reports report.

Via the Users area in Team Learning

How do I add users?

Just click the user's full name

Provided you have permission, just click on the Edit User link

Yes, you can use the "Move User" function

Yes you can do this via the user profile of the manager. Just click on the plus (+) symbol in the Direct Reports section

Provided you have the 'Course Enrolment Administrator' permission you can enrol team members in courses that your company has licensed through Medcast

On the Pending Invitations page you can see any user invitations that have been created but not yet accepted. From this page you can re-send the invitation or delete it.

Users in the Team Learning system must be assigned at least one manager. This can be any user who is a member of any System Role where "Is Manager" is set to true, or the manager can be set to "Self" in the case that there is no suitable manager to be assigned.

You can deactivate them but it's a good idea to check for any direct reports.

System roles is the best way to permission your organisation.

Job Roles such as General Practitioner, Nurse or Accounts are used to categorise users and automate enrollments.

You can manage which users belong to which system roles via the Systems Role page.

In the Team Learning system every page, button and list is individually permissioned so that you can customize each system role and hence users access to the system. You can manage these permissions via the Systems Role page.

This is accessed by logging into your Medcast account and clicking on MY LEARNING

Not at this stage, however your completion history will be saved for future reference.

All employees should be sent an invite to the Medcast platform. If you haven't received an invite please check-in with your manager, HR manager or National Education & Training Manager.

You will have 1 months to complete the course and then will have to complete the course annually within 1 year of the compliance year.

The most likely causes of this issue is that you have logged-in via an email address not linked to your organisation

Confirm with your manager that you should definitely have access.

We'd love to hear your feedback

Use the "Move Direct Reports" function

Resources are any online materials that you may wan to make available to your users via the system. You can manage resources via the Resource page.

Follow these instructions to create a resource

Any number of Resource Categories can be created to help with filtering resources on the users’ My Resources page

You can associate a Resource with a Course either via the Course Page or via the Resource Page.

An example email template is include in this FAQ

Login to Medcast > click on your initials and then click on your team name

Any course on the Medcast platform can be made mandatory including compliance courses as well more CPD type courses.

Adding a course to my organisation

Select the intended competency, check enrollments and the assess the users(s).

Any course on the Medcast platform can be included in the professional development course catalogue.

Any course on the Medcast platform that is of type "Competency" can be included in the competencies course catalogue.

Course Programs are a way of grouping courses together for the purpose of enrolling people into multiple courses at the same time.

Coupons can be used to allow students to enrol in courses and events while applying a discount up to 100%. Only Medcast staff can create coupons and so please contact our customer support for any enquiries.

Events are in-person events that take place in the real world. You can manage your events via either the Events Page or Via the Course page that the event is associated with.

Event Venues are locations where Events are held. You can manage Event Venues via the Venues Page.

The Maximum Registrations value is used to set a cap on how many people can register for an event. If left blank there is no limit for the event. This field is set to read only when a non Medcast user is viewing a Medcast facilitated event.

You can manage event registrations via the Event page. To register a user for an event they must already be a member of the team that owns the event and enrolled in the associated course for that event. Alternatively, users can self register via the event link.

The notification system if dynamic and highly configurable

Notification Templates manage the content that will be sent via a notification. These templates can contain dynamic data via Merge fields and conditional checks. You can manage Notification Templates via the Notification Template page.

Notification Rule Filters enable you to filter the users who should receive a notification based on factors such as Team, Job Role and System Role membership. You can manage Notification Rule Filters via the Notification Rule page.

Notification Rule Actions are actions that are triggered when a notification needs to be sent. You can manage Notification Rule Actions via the Notification Rule page.

Notification Rule ReSends allow a notification to be sent multiple times to each recipient based on set rules. You can manage Notification Rule ReSends via the Notification Rule Page

Automation events can execute actions, such as enrolling users in a course, when certain conditions are met. Using Automation Events allows an organisation to ensure that all users are enrolled in appropriate courses based on their individual needs automatically

Automation Event Actions are the actions that are triggered by an Automation Event. You can manage Automation Event Actions via the Automation Event page

Learning Courses enable an organisation to create and manage there own course content. You can do this via the Learning Courses page.

A Learning Module is a piece of education content that can be used in multiple courses. You can manage Learning Modules via the Learning Modules page.

Learning Activities are the individual components that make up a Learning Module. You can manage Learning Activities via the Learning Module page.