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I am an RN. If I do the Advanced Life Support course, does that allow me to prescribe and administer IV fluids as part of my scope of practice?

During our ALS course, we cover the use of adrenaline and amiodarone and there are certain circumstances, in an advanced life support situation, where RNs are allowed to possess and administer those drugs and potentially IV fluids without the supervision of a Doctor. However, an ALS certification does not change your scope of practice. As such, you are not authorised to administer these drugs or IV fluids without a medical officer prescribing them in some form or another. In many states, this prescription may be present in a standing order or organisational policy. However, state legislations differ and as such, you will need to verify what you are authorised to administer when a Doctor is not present directly within your healthcare organisation.

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In the event that you need to cancel one of our paid courses, a cancellation request must be received a minimum of 7 days prior to the event. Cancellations will not be accepted within 7 days of the event. Cancellation fees do apply.

Our ALS course covers the same material as an ALS2 course.

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Ensure you have copied and pasted the correct coupon code into the booking form.

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