Day One

Time Subject/Activity
0815 - 0845 Registration, coffee & tea
0900 - 0915 Welcome, Introduction, Setting the Scene, The Scope of the Problem.
0915 - 1000 Essential Respiratory Physiology: O2 delivery & metabolism, physiology of O2 saturation. CO2 production & elimination. Regulation of Respiration.
1000 - 1030 Morning Tea, Networking
1030 - 1230 The Patient with Respiratory Problems. The Breathless Patient: Assessment of Respiration – The Forgotten Vital Sign – rate, depth & work of breathing. The Use & Abuse of a Pulse Oximeter. Dyspnoea, Hypoxaemia & Hypercarbia.
1230 - 1330 Lunch, Networking
1330 - 1500 Cardiovascular Assessment: Determinants of BP; Regulation of Cardiac Output & BP; Manual & Non-invasive Blood Pressure Measurement.
1500 - 1515 Afternoon Tea
1515 - 1615 Assessment & Management of the Patient with Cardiovascular Problems: hypotension, arrhythmias, shock states.

Day Two

Time Subject/Activity
0900 - 1000 The Patient with Neurological Alteration: Fits, Faints & Funny Turns. Syncope. Confusion, Delirium. Neurological Assessment – Getting it Right.
1000 - 1030 Morning Tea
1030 - 1130 The Patient with an Infective or Inflammatory process. Signs of sepsis. Allergic reactions.
1130 - 1300 The Patient with Alterations in Fluid, Electrolyte or Glucose levels – Hypoglycaemia. Causes of renal insufficiency/failure.
1300 - 1345 Lunch, Networking
1345 - 1415 Pain Assessment – The Fifth Vital Sign.
1415 - 1515 Communication & Documentation: Skills & strategies to enhance communication within the team, provide a structured handover, & escalate response to clinical deterioration. Observation Charts & Early warning systems.
1515 - 1530 Afternoon Tea
1530 - 1630 Scenarios – putting it all together: Case Studies & Problem Solving Exercises.

More about the course
COVID-19 Update

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We will offer a virtual classroom of this course in the event that the public course does not go ahead. If there is a practical component to this course we will rebook you for the practical portion and assessment at a later date.

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St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne: Michael Chamberlain Lecture Theatre
41 Victoria Parade Fitzroy Melbourne VIC 3065

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