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Pharmacology suitable for Day Surgery Patients including the advantages of                

Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA)

* Propofol    * Midazolam   * Flumazenil    * Fentanyl

* Naloxone    * Paracetamol    * NSAIDs


Morning tea provided, Networking


Pre and Post-Operative Care of Paediatric Patients

* Fasting times    * Pre-medication options clonidine & midazolam

* Emergence delirium   * Post op fluids & foods 


When things go wrong:

* The Scary (Difficult) Airway  * Anaphylaxis  * Local Anaesthetic Toxicity


Lunch provided, Networking


Common respiratory complications in all age groups

* Bronchospasm   * Laryngospasm  

* Non-Cardiogenic Pulmonary Oedema    * Post extubation Croup


High Flow Nasal Oxygen (THRIVE, Optiflow, Airvo) and End Tidal CO2

Monitoring in Endoscopy & Day Surgery


Afternoon tea provided, Networking


Care of the ophthalmic patient

* Cataracts   * Squints    * Nerve blocks

* Wrong site issues   * Considerations with elderly patients


Discharge criteria - What to do when you can’t send them home

* Pain   * Vomiting    * Unstable obs   * Need for continuing O2


Closing Remarks, Evaluation

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