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Tuesday (Melbourne) or Thursday (Sydney) Evenings for 10 Weeks from 6.30 to 9.30 p.m.
Please note that topic sequence may vary. Topics will include:

Week Subject/Activity
1. Fundamental Cardiac Physiology; Cardiac Muscle Physiology; Innervation of the Myocardium; Adrenergic Receptors; Regulation of Cardiac Output & Blood Pressure.
2. Cardiovascular Pathophysiology; Assessment & Management of the Patient with Chest Pain; Shock States - Assessment & Management.
3. Respiratory Physiology; The Control of Ventilation; Dynamics of Spontaneous Breathing; Gas Transport; Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation.
4. Monitoring Techniques; Haemodynamic Monitoring; Arterial Lines; Central Lines; Pulmonary Artery Catheters, Pulse Oximetry -SpO2. Capnography - EtCO2
5. Respiratory; Lung Sounds, Chest X-ray Interpretation; Indications & Goals for Mechanical Ventilation; Ventilator Modes; Care of the Mechanically Ventilated Patient.
6. Assessment & Management of the Difficult Airway - The Latest Guidelines & Algorithms. High Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy.
7. Renal; Physiology; Acute Renal Failure - Assessment, Complications & Management.
8. Neurological Disorders; Neurological Assessment; Care of the Patient with Raised Intracranial Pressure; Brain Death.
9. Resuscitation; Management of Cardiac Arrest
10. Endocrine & Metabolic; Hepatic Failure; Diabetic Emergencies.

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St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne: Michael Chamberlain Lecture Theatre (10 week)
41 Victoria Parade Fitzroy Melbourne VIC 3065

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