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Critical Bytes 2022

Our new Critical Bytes Clinical Update Series will keep you on the edge of your seats with the latest guidelines, research and clinical controversies. This series is designed to give you practical application with tools to take back to your clinical practice:

Communication and the role of CRM in today’s critical care team

Tuesday 19th July 2022 at 7pm AEST

What do you know about crisis resource management or CRM?  Do you have the non-technical skills needed to work effectively in high-stake situations?  Join us in this Critical Byte to see how the principles of CRM can be applied to different clinical emergencies across all the critical care settings. This Critical Byte will build on the learnings from the 2021 Critical Bytes sessions: Clinical Emergencies and Ready to Resus. We will give you the tools to improve your own and your team’s performance in a clinical emergency and ways to reduce errors in day to day practice.

Can’t Intubate Can’t Oxygenate (CICO)

Thursday 28th April 2022 at 7pm AEST

Have you ever found yourself in a CICO situation and felt under prepared? Want the latest updates on how to manage a CICO situation? Join us for this engaging session on managing difficult airways. The session will delve into a ‘black box’ analysis of a CICO case study and simulation and will provide you with tips for managing the tricky airway. We will also discuss the latest developments, what have we learnt through COVID and how can simulation based training help us.

Delirium, Agitation and Pain

Thursday 26th May 2022 at 7pm AEST

What do you know about managing and preventing delirium, agitation and pain and the consequences of a critical illness leading to complications such as Post ICU Syndromes? Join our panel of experts as we discuss the complexity of the critical care patient from presentation to discharge. We will also discuss the latest developments and strategies for managing and preventing delirium, agitation and pain and where we are headed in the future.

The Crashing Patient 

Thursday 30th June 2022 at 7pm AEST

How do you manage a crisis event with a patient who is already critically ill? Join our panel of experts as we follow a critically ill patient’s journey through their illness and how to navigate the minefield of supportive therapies, set-backs and decision making. This session will focus on the interpretation and utilisation of assessment data to tweak therapies and improve patient outcomes.

Previous Critical Bytes

Ready to Resus: what's new in resuscitation

Recorded and On-Demand

Are you ready to resus? In 2020 the International Liaison Committee of Resuscitation (ILCOR) released the latest round of resuscitation guidelines, with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ANZCOR) releasing local guidelines in April-May 2021. As a clinician you will want to attend this Critical Byte providing you with hot of the press updates so you can optimise resuscitation to support the recovery of patients.

Too hot to handle: Managing clinical emergencies in ICU vs ED vs OT 

Recorded and On-Demand

This Critical Byte will review how clinical emergencies are managed in the different critical care environments. Join us in this 2nd Critical Byte where we will take a look at some of the trickier aspects of critical care.  Providing you with real life examples and demonstrations for managing emergencies and the differences you might see in different clinical settings.  Hear from panelists from the clinical environments of ICU, ED and Theatre discuss management strategies for:

  • Difficult airway
  • Bleeding & massive transfusion
  • Resuscitation
  • Family presence

The evolution of care in a COVID world: What it means for you

Recorded and On-Demand

What has the impact of COVID-19 been for your clinical practice?  Join us as we review the impact COVID-19 has had for Australian ICUs and EDs and what improvements we can put in place to clinically benefit on living through the devastation of a pandemic era.

This critical byte will critically analyse the current data and changes to routine practices, heightened awareness and modification of infection control, managing changes for patients and families due to organisational and government policies and specific COVID related care protocols around:   

  • Testing 
  • Vaccinations
  • Care
  • Aerosolation
  • Respiratory therapies
  • Proning