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With new topics each 12 months, this course uses a case history approach to assist all Anaesthesia & Recovery Room nurses to stay at the forefront of their clinical practice.

This course is designed to provide Anaesthesia & Recovery Room nurses with greater insight into their clinical practice. This will be achieved by the presentation of a range of topics and case studies pertinent to current practice & include newer concepts & developments which will shape the future of clinical practice. As many people do this course on an annual basis, as course content and topics change each 12 months.

Course Delivery

  • 2 days live face to face OR
  • Live virtual classroom OR
  • On demand

2022 Topics for live sessions

  • Awareness under Anaesthesia - prevention, detection and management
  • Case histories: Advanced care plans and not for resuscitation – what does this mean in surgery?
  • "It's only their temperature"; the serious truth about inadvertent perioperative hypothermia
  • Perioperative temperature monitoring
  • High Flow Nasal Oxygen - Optiflow/Airvo thrive
  • A new approach to pain measurement
  • Asleep on the job: Can night shift napping provide greater safety for both staff and patients?
  • Case History learnings from the coroner and clinical practice - Aspiration under anaesthesia and Documentation in PACU
  • What’s that arrhythmia? - An interactive quiz!
  • Change Management - How to implement change in the workplace and clinical practice
  • Journal round up! – What is the latest and greatest evidence
  • Implications of prolonged standing - injuries and prevention strategies for perioperative nurses

2021 Topics for on demand viewing

  • Care of Diabetic Patients in the Perioperative Environment
  • Deteriorating perianaesthesia patients - Case studies from clinical practice
  • Legal Issues in the Perioperative Environment
  • Retained Items - the perianaesthesia nurses role in the count process
  • Tired, frustrated and under staffed; can standards assist you and how?
  • Perioperative Leadership - What makes a good leader & how to be one?
  • Respiratory Physiology and ABG’s made easy!
  • Discussions and learnings from coronial cases
  • Massive Transfusion Therapy - A case history approach
  • Fatigue in the perioperative environment

Upcoming Workshops

Sydney, NSW - 25 Nov 2022

Anaesthesia & PACU Nursing 2022 Update Sydney 25-26 Nov 2022