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Delirium and Dementia

Delirium and dementia present significant challenges in clinical practice, particularly for Australian GPs tasked with managing complex cases.

Distinguishing between delirium and dementia is crucial yet can be challenging due to overlapping symptoms and shared risk factors. Delirium typically manifests with sudden onset, fluctuating course, and attention disturbances, whereas dementia presents with insidious onset and gradual cognitive decline over time.

Understanding these distinctions is essential for accurate diagnosis and appropriate management, emphasising the need for ongoing education and training among Australian GPs to optimise patient care and outcomes.

This webinar will define delirium and its common causes and differentiate between delirium and dementia. It will cover risk factors for delirium and review management of delirium in primary care.


"Excellent, clear information with practical, applicable examples of how to assess patients with recent cognitive alteration."

"I found this webinar a good overview of delirium and dementia. I also found the case studies helpful in assessing and treating possible causes. I have also looked up the dta website and found lots of helpful information and free courses that I would be interested in completing. Thank you"

"Excellent Webinar and great learning activity. Such an important topic for all areas of nursing."

Webinar Partner

Medcast is proud to be partnering with Dementia Training Australia to bring you this important webinar series. 


This course is formally accredited for 1 hour.

RACGP Accreditation ID - 812758

ACRRM Accreditation ID - 32980

Course Educators
Dr Steph Daly
Dr Steph Daly

Dr Daly is a specialist GP in Dementia. She is a fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and has completed post-graduate training in Dementia Studi...

Dr Peter Silberberg
Dr Peter Silberberg

Peter is an experienced GP, GP Supervisor and medical educator. He recently joined Dementia Training Australia as a medical educator in 2022. He has worked...

Dementia Training Australia

Recorded Webinar

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Duration: 1 hour

1 hour CPD - Educational Activity

Educational Activities: 1 hours

Areas Of Interest: Aged Care, Chronic diseases, General Practice, Neurology


Medical Practitioners, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners


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