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Over the last 15 years, there has been enormous development in e-mental health (e-MH) resources.

Clinicians need to know about e-MH because:

  1. Your clients are likely to be using e-MH resources already, but the amount of resources can be overwhelming and the quality is very variable. Increasingly, practitioners are expected to be able to help people find and use high-quality evidence-based tools.
  2. Using e-MH resources in your practice can help you make the most of sessions and provide your clients with engaging, high-quality and free or low-cost resources.
  3. These resources may boost and supplement services in health care systems that you work in.

This 5 module course will provide the information and skills necessary for you to confidently use e-MH resources in your clinical practice.

The course has been developed by the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University and the content has been peer reviewed by experts with lived experience of mental illness, e-mental health experts and senior clinicians.

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