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The Clinical Challenges in General Practice Webinar Series consist of live and recorded interactive panel discussions regarding the diagnosis and management of challenging cases often seen in general practice.

Your webinar host is Dr Stephen Barnett, an experienced general practitioner and online educator. Dr Barnett invites a range of specialist colleagues to explore the difficult questions that occur in the management of a range of conditions, including arthritis, metabolic conditions, testing and dermatology.

All webinars are free and accredited by RACGP and ACRRM.

In this webinar

In this webinar, the expert panel will explore case studies related to patients that have failed oral therapy and are moving to injectable therapy. In addition, they will examine some difficult cases of patients that have failed single daily dosing and are moving to more complex regimens.

The expert panel, consists of Dr Stephen Barnett, GP, A/Professor Damon Bell, Chemical Pathologist and Endocrinologist and Dr Wessel Jenner, Biochemist.

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CPD Information

Participants who view the webinar are eligible for 2 QI&CPD Points and 2 Core ACRRM points.

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This webinar series is brought to you by Australian Clinical Labs.

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