This ALM is designed to improve knowledge and skills in core GP supervision activities of in-practice teaching, planning learning, giving feedback and direct observation.

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This supervisor ALM is designed to provide supervisors with the skills and tools necessary to provide in-practice teaching to registrars. The four modules in the series include:

In-practice teaching

This topic covers the learning opportunities for registrars within the General Practice environment.  It provides supervisors with a structured approach to formal learning and approaches to informal learning for GP Registrars.

Giving feedback

This topic covers the key aspects of monitoring registrars, analyses the approaches to assessment and explains how feedback on monitoring and assessment are given to registrars.

Planning Learning

The planning learning topic includes on overview of roles and responsibilities of the Supervisor, Registrar and other members of the practice team in a General Practice and describes the key aspects of organisational induction.  Supervisors will develop the skills to create a term learning overview and the ability to assess a registrar’s learning needs.

Direct Observation

The direct observation topic will assist supervisors to describe the areas of practice that can be assessed using consultation observation and covers the practical requirements of consultation observation (both direct and video-consultation review), including room setup and consent. Supervisors will develop the skills to appraise consultations using a specific feedback tool.