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EBM Online Journal Club: Hip Pain & Osteoarthritis in Primary Care

Evidence based medicine (EBM) sets out to integrate the best available clinical evidence with both the GP’s clinical expertise and the patient’s values and context. Journal clubs are a well-established educational activity in which GPs meet to critique and discuss research articles and the implications for clinical practice.

In an EBM journal club, a topic is typically chosen as a result of a question arising in clinical practice. This leads to information being accessed in a ‘pull’ rather than a ‘push’ fashion, thereby increasing the relevance of the information, and consequently enhancing learning.

EBM journal clubs are one of the educational activities listed as ‘measuring outcomes’ in the new Medical Board CPD standards for 2023 onwards.

In response to these new requirements, Medcast are introducing an innovative online version of the EBM journal club, where, instead of a small group of GPs sitting in a room together, GPs will critique and discuss the findings of a research paper in a moderated online forum.

We are currently trialing this new educational format prior to formal implementation in 2023. We invite you to take part to discuss a recent published article on The association between hip pain and radiographic hip osteoarthritis in primary care: the CHECK cohort.

The EBM journal club will include a community forum where you will be required to respond to discussion questions to gain your CPD.

Offered as a free education activity, you are invited to enrol in the EBM journal club and participate in the discussion forums to gain your CPD.  Help us shape this style of learning for the 2023 CPD requirements.


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