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Recorded Webinar

Men's Health in Primary Care: Male Fertility and Preconception Health

GPs and nurses play a vital part in expanding men’s access to, and understanding of male fertility and preconception health.

GPs and nurses play a vital part in expanding men’s access to, and understanding of male fertility and preconception health.

Join us for another webinar in the Men’s Health in Primary Care webinar series to discuss male fertility and preconception health and the role of primary care professionals. 

In this webinar, Dr Glenn Duns, GP and Prof Robert McLachlan AM, Endocrinologist and Andrologist, will provide an overview of the key aspects of male fertility and preconception health including:

  • simple male fertility assessment
  • male fertility investigation and diagnosis of male infertility
  • treatment and referral
  • key points to maximise male preconception health.

The panel will discuss a case study highlighting approaches in primary care settings and referral pathways for additional support when needed.

Participants in this webinar will be able to: 

  1. Outline screening and investigations for male fertility in primary care.
  2. Discuss male preconception health with patients.
  3. Provide education and support for male patients and couples.
  4. Refer male patients and couples for additional support if needed.


All health professionals

Webinar Series

This webinar is bought to you by Healthy Male. Other webinars in the series, covering a range of topics including ertectile dysfunction and continence, can be viewed here.

Course Educators

Dr Glenn Duns
Dr Glenn Duns

General Practitioner

Glenn has over 25 years experience in primary care medicine and men’s health.  He recognises the importance of lifestyle and envi...

Professor Robert McLachlan
Professor Robert McLachlan

Medical Director of Healthy Male

Consultant Endocrinologist/Andrologist, with significant clinical and research expertise in men's reproductive health and advoca...

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Recorded Webinar

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Areas Of Interest: Men's health, Reproductive Health


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