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This World Continence Week, join our experts to discuss how we can support men affected by prostate disease in primary care.

Sex, continence and prostate surgery. What can we do for men in primary care?

In this webinar you will join with our experts to discuss how health and medical professionals, working in primary care settings can engage and support males to seek help early.

Dr Gideon Blecher will review the functional anatomy of the prostate, the screening approaches that can be easily implemented and orange and red flags that warrant attention and early referral.

Dr Jo Milios will discuss male incontinence and erectile function following prostate surgery and outline the role of the pelvic floor in men and the value of prehabilitation and rehabilitation.

Luke Mitchell will present a case study highlighting how primary care professionals can engage and support men to promote good prostate care and provide a range of practice points to initiate and respond to the people you see in practice.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters in a panel discussion at the end of the webinar.

Your participation in this webinar will enable you to:

  1. Recognise the signs and symptoms of prostate disease and refer accordingly
  2. Explain to the people you see in primary care the benefit of prehabilitation and rehabilitation in prostate surgery
  3. Initiate conversations with the people you see in primary care settings to promote prevention and early intervention


All health professionals

Webinar Series

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