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The first webinar in our brand new series covering the key clinical and reasoning aspects of 'not to be missed' conditions - emergency presentations

Webinar 1 - Emegency presentations

The first webinar in our 'Not to be missed' series will cover a number of emergency general practice presentations, including abdominal pain, occult fractures and posterior circulation CVA.  As well we will introduce you to some fascinating concepts around ‘how doctors think’ and clinical reasoning.

This first session will be free and act as a ‘taster’ for the remainder of the series. We look forward to seeing you on the night.  Please note the webinar in the series will be 90 mins in length.  All following webinars in the series will be 60 mins.

What is the 'Not to be missed' series?

General practice it a tough gig.  We deal with newborns to centenarians, urology and neurology and (occasional) zoology, and emergencies to chronic disease management.  Many of the presentations we see are undifferentiated, and, while uncommon, serious 'not to be missed' conditions must be reliably identified and managed.

The Medcast 2022 'Not to be missed' webinar series is a unique blend of clinical updates, practical wisdom and diagnostic reasoning, covering a range of high-risk general practice presentations and conditions from ectopic pregnancy to temporal arteritis.  Delivered by experienced GP medical educators, it promises to be relevant, evidence-based and engaging. 

The Medcast 'Not to be missed' webinar series is, well, not to be missed!  

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And like all Medcast courses, all content is completely independent and free of external influence.