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In this webinar, we’ll be discussing strategies to motivate those with mental health issues to cease smoking and exploring the challenges this presents.

This webinar will present evidence-based strategies to engage and motivate smokers with mental health issues to cease smoking. It will cover the prevalence, theory and practice of nicotine addiction and its management. Key concepts will be introduced, as well as current best practice in pharmacotherapies and behavioural interventions. A case-study will be presented for discussion.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the behaviour of nicotine addiction and withdrawals
  • Describe and debunk myths regarding smoking cessation treatment
  • Assess and devise an individual smoking cessation plan 
  • Identify e-mental health smoking cessation resources and application

    The Webinar Series

    The webinar series examines some of the online mental health treatment programs that GPs and Allied Health Professionals need to know about, focusing on evidence-based programs that have been developed in Australia. The evidence around the efficacy and usefulness of different programs will be discussed along with practical aspects of using the programs.


    • Tuesday, 1pm AEST 12th October 2021
    • Tuesday, 8pm AEST 12th October 2021


    GPs and GP registrars, psychologists and allied mental health practitioners, in fact any health professional with an interest in improving outcomes for patients with mental health conditions.