This 6-part series of modules covers all the important things GPs need to know about e-Mental Health programs and resources, how to access them and tips for using them in practice.

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This e-learning ALM / PRPD is comprised of 6 x 1 hour online learning modules, developed by Black Dog Institute as part of the Australian Government’s e-Mental Health in Practice (eMHPrac) initiative.


Learning objectives

The aim of the series is to improve the availability of mental health help in Australia. At the end of the 6-part series, GPs will: 

  • understand what e-Mental Health (eMH) means
  • be able to explain to patients the evidence supporting the use of eMH
  • recognise appropriate patients for eMH referral
  • develop strategies / processes for implementing eMH in practice and providing follow up to these patients.

This ALM / PRPD course includes the following activities:

A predisposing activity that requires participants to read a journal article and then make a post on the eMHPrac Community for GPs.

Six 1 hour online learning modules covering the following topics:

  1. Introduction to e-Mental Health
  2. Translating therapy to the online environment
  3. Finding and using eMH resources
  4. Using eMH - the GP as a guide
  5. Coaching the patient using eMH
  6. Using eMH with special patient groups and complex conditions

A reinforcing activity that requires learners to post in a forum on the eMHPrac community reflecting on the ways in which learning about e-mental health has changed the way they practice.


This education is suitable for GPs and GP registrars who are interested in eMH and would like to know how to incorporate it into their practice.

The activity is accredited by RACGP and ACRRM. Completion of the full ALM/activity (full 6-part series) will provide RACGP ALM 40 Cat 1 QI&CPD points and/or ACRRM 30 PRPD points. Completion of individual modules (without completing the full ALM/activity) will provide RACGP Cat 2 QI&CPD points and pro-rata ACRRM points.

The activity is also accredited as Mental Health CPD and as an FPS (Focused Psychological Strategies) CPD activity. Therefore this course can be completed to maintain FPS accreditation and access to the specific Medicare items associated with it.

Doing a FPS CPD course by itself does NOT provide access to the Medicare items.