COVID-19 is in its infancy. This free webinar examines who gets Long COVID-19 and why?

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The webinar series

This webinar is part of our COVID-19 Webinar Series to help GPs, Registrars, Practice Managers and Owners during the pandemic.  Webinars are on a range of topics that are current and topical.

This particular Webinar comes via our partnership with NB Medical (UK).  Medcast has partnered with NB Medical to bring you the UK's most popular GP update course, specifically adapted for Australia. Hot Topics presents the latest leading medical research and practical application, designed to keep busy primary care professionals up to date on the latest evidence.

In this webinar

A year ago no-one would have predicted what would happen in 2020. COVID-19 has turned the world upside-down.

As medics we have faced particular challenges. Understandably initially the focus was clearly on assessing patients with acute covid. But as the weeks passed it became clear that while most patients survived, not everyone got better – long covid.

This disease is in its infancy and our knowledge improves as each week passes but there are still many questions. Who gets long covid and why? What effects does it cause and how long does it last? When should we reassure and when should we investigate?

Join us to examine what we know about Long COVID and how best to help our patients.

Dr Neal Tucker, an NB Medical Hot Topics presenter, is a GP working in England, where they are seeing progressively more and more patients with Long COVID.  He will share his insights and knowledge of caring for these patients.

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