This Webinar review the Australian portals to online resources for mental health care and describes the similarities and differences between online self-help programs.

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This accredited online learning module is the third installment in a 6-part series on e-Mental Health.

Module overview

This module reviews the Australian portals to online resources for mental health care.  In addition it describes the similarities and differences between online self-help programs. It concludes with a demonstration of a patient’s experience using the eMH program MoodGYM.

At the conclusion of this module participants will be able to:

  1. be able to identify and recommend two Australian portals to online mental health care
  2. be able to perform a search for an eMH program using the Beacon portal
  3. be familiar with reliable Australian self-help programs to recommend to patients for information about mental health
  4. have acquired skills to integrate web-based self-help resources into practice.


This education is suitable GPs and GP registrars who are interested in eMH and would like to know how to incorporate it into their practice.

The activity is accredited by RACGP and ACRRM. Completion of the full ALM/activity (full 6-part series) will provide RACGP ALM 40 Cat 1 QI&CPD points and/or ACRRM 30 PRPD points. Completion of individual modules will provide RACGP Cat 2 QI&CPD points and pro-rata ACCRM points.