Telehealth - how to continue providing healthcare during the current pandemic.

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This Webinar is part of our COVID-19 Webinar Series to help GPs, Registrars, Practice Managers and Owners during the pandemic.  Webinars will be scheduled each fortnight, and will be on a range of topics that are current and topical.

Telehealth is being widely used to continue to provide ongoing healthcare while we are managing the current pandemic. It is a relatively new skill to some of us, but there are some things we can do to make it more manageable, while maintaining patient safety.  Join our webinar to find out what, and how, we can provide high quality care through modern technology.

This webinar will:

Prepare GPs to use Telehealth safely as an alternative to manage their patients.

Develop skills to use Telehealth to assess and manage patients.

Describe the pitfalls of telehealth and strategies to avoid them.

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