Hot Topics ONLINE GP Update Course 2020

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This course will be heldlive on the following dates (and recorded for 'on demand' watching':

- 8pm (AEST), Wednesday 13 May 2020
- 8pm (AEST), Wednesday 20 May 2020
- 8pm (AEST), Wednseday 27 May 2020
- 8pm (AEST), Wednesday 03 Jun 2020

Enrol in this course to access the Clinical Audits on Measles, Eating Disorders, Anti-platelets and Frailty.  2020 Clinical Audits TBC.

Hot Topics ONLINE GP Update Course 2020

The 2020 Hot Topics course will be run as a series of live webinar events that are recorded to enable you to participate from the comfort of your own home. You will get:

  • Four live webinar sessions, that will be recorded, so that you can watch them 'on demand'
  • Online version of NB Medical Hot Topics GP Update Course Booklet (UK), including summaries of approximately 150 clinical Hot Topics which are commonly dealt with in primary care.
  • Online version of the Australian Supplement including Keep It Simple Summaries (KISS) on the topics covered in the Australian Hot Topics series.

    If you are interested in purchasing hard copies of the NB Medical booklet and the Australian supplement please email There is a charge of $55 for printing, postage, and handling. 

    What is Hot Topics?

    NB Medical, Britain’s market leader in GP education has joined forces with Medcast, to bring you an online CPD opportunity including recorded lectures and presentations summarised into “KISS” (Keep It Simple Summaries). 

    In addition to the full UK Hot Topics book, there will be an Australian Supplement that summaries the workshop materials.

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    The webinar cover:

    • The latest pertinent medical research, GP guidelines and papers presented by GPs.
    • A series of short presentations including recent findings from the medical literature which are pertinent for GPs.
    • The presentations are snappy, focused, fun and interactive. The atmosphere is light, relaxed and friendly.
    • A detailed reference book which summarises the evidence from around approximately 150 clinical Hot Topics which are commonly dealt with in primary care. This will enable you to practice evidence-based medicine with the latest research at your fingertips.

    Evidence-based medicine for primary care - fun, interactive, chunked and not-to-be-missed, especially if you don’t have time to read all the latest research.

    Course content

    The 2020 Hot Topics will give you a vital update on:

    • Cardiovascular Disease - primary prevention in older people; Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
    • Prescribing Hot Topics - Loop diuretics; Medical cannabis
    • Respiratory - Asthma, new Australian guidelines update; Chronic cough in adults
    • Smoking - E-cigarettes and vaping
    • Women’s Health - contraception & HRT update
    • Neurology & ENT - acute vertigo
    • Mental Health - Burnout & Treatment resistant depression
    • Abnormal blood tests - Subclinical hypothyroidism & Inflammatory markers
    • Infections - Complicated UTIs, cellulitis, pertussis
    • Gastro - chronic diarrhea
    • Misc Hot Topics cases.

    Participants in the webinar series are eligible for 12 RACGP CPD Points (Cat 2) and 6 CPD hours for Nurses. Participants that complete a post-course clinical audit activity will be eligible for 40 RACGP Accredited CPD Points (Cat 1 CPD Points)* Accreditation pending.  Statements of Attendance can be provided for other health professionals requiring evidence of participation.

    Optional Clinical Audit - Accredited CPD Activity (40 Cat 1 CPD Points)* Accreditation pending

    As an extension to the course, there is a complimentary, optional Category 1 activity worth 40 QI&CPD Points. Throughout the Hot Topics course, there are discussions about the latest clinical evidence, how this evidence may vary from current practice, what changes this might necessitate in updating patient care and Quality Improvement ideas that you can look at in your practice. Participants will have a choice of 4 clinical audits:

    - Asthma and one other TBC

    - Anti-platelets (from 2019 course)

    - Measles (from 2019 course)

    - Frailty (from 2018 course)

    - Eating Disorders (from 2018 course)