This intensive course is designed to prepare candidates for the 2020.2 FRACGP AKT & KFP Exams.


This is a brand new exclusive, interactive small group course.

  • You will be mentored by highly experienced medical educators and examiners.
  • 16-week study plan features weekly live interactions with the medical educators.
  • Personalised feedback, review exam questions and ideal answers, discuss strategies and exam technique.
  • Be guided through the content required for the exams.

Places are strictly limited to 15 learners only.

This new intensive course will provide candidates with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to pass the FRACGP AKT and KFP exams. Participants of the course will receive advice from the medical educators on how to approach the exam preparation process, and each week, will be guided through the relevant topics. The weekly sessions will include case reviews, random case analysis, image interpretation, practice questions, resources and participant case presentations. 

Our experienced medical educators will be available to answer any queries or concerns, and cover the best practice approach to the exams. The course participants will work in a group of 15, and participate in live sessions (including an introductory and a conclusion session). 

Course Structure

The Webinar Component of the course is scheduled to begin the week of 16 March 2020 with the introductory webinar. The rest of the webinars will follow weekly, culminating with a conclusion session on 13 July 2020.  The live webinars will be held on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, with all sessions recorded and available on-demand.  Dates for the Webinars will be posted soon.

Week Date Week Beginning Topic
Introduction 16 March 2020 Welcome and Introductions
Week 1 23 March 2020 Organisation and Problem Representations
Week 2 30 March 2020 AKT and Diagnostic Framework
Week 3 06 April 2020 Active Learning and Illness Scripts
Week 4 13 April 2020 How do we make learning stick?
Week 5 20 April 2020 How do we know what to learn?
6 Pillars of Management
Week 6 27 April 2020 Fatigue and Stress Management and Bias
Week 7 04 May 2020 Make learning exciting and KFP translation
Week 8 11 May 2020 Brink it all together and Overcoding
Week 9 18 May 2020 ME Individual Feedback Sessions
Week 10 25 May 2020 ME Individual Feedback Sessions
Week 11 01 June 2020 ME Individual Feedback Sessions
Week 12 08 June 2020 KFP Practice Session
Week 13 15 June 2020 KFP Practice Session
Week 14 22 June 2020 KFP Practice Session
Week 15 29 June 2020 KFP Practice Session
Week 16 06 July 2020 KFP Practice Session
Conclusion 13 July 2020 Last Minute Tips
FRACGP Exams 17 July 2020

Support GPT

Participants of the course will gain access to Medcast SupportGPT.  SupportGPT is a comprehensive, modular, in-practice teaching resource.  It is designed to support registrars and doctors on the independent pathway.  The course, delivered entirely online, includes 16 modules on a variety of clinical topics.  Each module takes approxiametly three hours to complete. The modules have useful resources, cases, quizzes and activities.  The modules can be completed in any order.

Course Program

The intensive course incorporates a 16-week program based on BEACH-weighted topics covering all RACGP domains of general practice. Each week the participants focus on a specific set of presentations covering major systems areas, such as respiratory system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system etc. Each session will include a mix of case reviews, case presentations, script concordants, random case analyses, image interpretation, and review of the latest evidence / guidelines / recommendations. The topics will be discussed in a case-based format and relevant exam-style questions (AKT & KFP) will be presented.

Other Exam Preparation courses and Bundles

If you would prefer a lighter touch appraoch to exam preparation, try our self-paced online exam preparation course for only $1,100.

We also have a Boot Camp + Hot Topics bundle to help you to get up to date with the latest clinical evidence, presented by some of the best medical educators in Australia and the UK.

Reimbursement available to Rural Doctors Network doctors

We are pleased to advise that this course is eligible for reimbursement should you be on the Additional Assistance Scheme.  Documentary confirmation of your participation will be provided.

Prefer to pay by the month?

We are pleased to announce you can now pay by monthly installment rather than a one-off payment. Please call us on 1300 652 046 if you are interested in a our payment plan of 3 monthly payments of $930.