This course is for candidates planning to sit the FRACGP exams. It includes access to practice question, study guides & resources.

Online AKT & KFP Exam Preparation Course

This course is designed to be started at any time prior to the exam.  The 22-week study planner and course content is online and self-paced. This planner is organised into topic areas based on the RACGP Curriculum and BEACH weighted topics. Course components include:

Access to 65+ high quality, online KFP questions with ideal answers. Fifty-seven (57) questions are organised by study topic and include Medical Educator commentary on good and poor answers to these questions, common question pitfalls and tips. It is recommended that the questions are done weekly, along with the recommended study materials to form a substantial preparation course.  In addition, there is an ten (10) question, mini mock KFP exam within the course.

Over two-hundred and sixty (260+) online AKT questions including explanatory responses and links to appropriate references. Two-hundred (200) questions are provided by topic and it is recommended that the questions are done weekly, alongside the recommended study materials, to guide thorough preparation for the exam and future clinical practice.  An additional, fifty (50) questions will be available via a mini mock AKT exam within the course.

Presentations about the exams

Recorded presentations and slides by Medical Educators on the KFP and AKT exams. These presentations cover the background of the exams, the content, what the exams are testing and why they are constructed as they are. An approach to study and the exams themselves are also included.

Recorded Webinars

A series of recorded expert presentations on critical exam preparation topics, such as dermatology, paediatrics, mental health, eyes, women's health and ENT. The webinars are hosted by medical specialists, medical educators or expert GPs, with a focus on exam preparation.

Access to a study planning guide covering all of the required clinical topic areas. This study guide has been successfully used by exam candidates and gives a comprehensive approach to exam preparation. A risk for candidates is a non-structured preparation period, which can be improved using this approach. A recorded webinar is available and covers a suggested approach to study and includes simple strategies to make your study and exam attempt more effective.


Access to a repository of up to date study resources, articles and clinical guidelines, collected and reviewed by Medical Educators. In addition, all course participants have free access to Murtagh's complete General Practice Collection online, while enrolled in the exam preparation course.

Online community

Access to an online community of other registrars for encouragement, discussions, tips, and interaction with peers.  A weekly 'Quick Case' will be discussed within the community. The community is moderated by a Medical Educator to provide ongoing support.

Mobile App

Study on the go with our new mobile app available on Apple App Store or Google Play.

Reimbursement for the course available to Rural Doctors Network doctors

We are pleased to advise that this course is eligible for reimbursement should you be on the Additional Assistance Scheme.  Documentary confirmation of your participation will be provided.

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