Headaches are an incredibly common presentation in primary care, cause misery for patients and can be challenging for GPs to manage.

Hot Topics GP Update

Medcast has partnered with NB Medical to bring you the UK's most popular GP update course, specifically adapted for Australia. Hot Topics presents the latest leading medical research and practical application, designed to keep busy primary care professionals up to date on the latest evidence.

In this Webinar

Using cases and based on recent evidence and guidelines in this interactive live webinar we shall explore headache red flags, migraine acute treatment and prophylaxis, medication overuse headache, other headache types (e.g. cervicogenic, cluster etc) and management of difficult cases such as migraine in the perimenopause (can you use HRT?) or sexual headache (do they all need a scan?).

Dr Simon Curtis from NB Medical UK, and Dr Genevieve Yates, Australia, both practicing GPs with a passion for medical education, have a look at this single topic. They discuss some cases and recent evidence and guidelines and review:

  • Headache Red Flags
  • Medication Overuse
  • Cervicogenic Headaches
  • Cluster Headaches

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Participants who view the webinar are eligible for 2 QI&CPD Points and 2 Core ACRRM points.