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Digital tools & resources can enhance & extend mental health svs: an intro to key resources in Aust & how practitioners can select appropriate tools for use with their clients.

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Digital mental health

Digital mental health (DMH) tools and resources are increasingly available in mental health services in Australia and other developed countries. It is hoped that they will help increase access to services, both as lower intensity interventions as well as in combination with higher intensity traditional therapy interventions.

The range of available tools is becoming more comprehensive and a good evidence base has been built up for some types of interventions such as online programs. There is now increasing interest in exploring how these tools can best be incorporated into the daily work of practitioners.

In this webinar

This webinar is designed to provide an overview of the main types and uses of digital mental health resources available in Australia and suggests ways that practitioners can find and evaluate appropriate tools. 

Practitioners may also like to participate in the second webinar of this series, which provides a closer examination of how these resources can be blended into existing services and practice.


  • Digital Mental Health resources can be used to extend and enhance mental health interventions.
  • Practitioners need to be able to select these resources and integrate them into their work appropriately
  • Webinar participants will be introduced to the main types of D-MH resources currently available and learn how to select appropriate resources for use in their practice


This webinar has been designed for psychologists and allied mental health practitioners, but is open to other health professionals interested in using digital resources in their practice. The webinar may also be of interest to practitioners commissioning or providing mental health services for Primary Health Networks. Students working towards a career in mental health or counselling are also invited to attend.

Documentation suitable for CPD records will be provided.
Participants in each webinar are eligible for 2 QI&CPD Points and 2 Core ACRRM points.