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This is the sixth in a series of stand-alone webinars. Program experts from Mental Health Online help us understand how an online mental health treatment program such as Swinburne's Mental Health Online can be used in conjunction with face to face therapy in treating generalised anxiety.

The webinar series

The webinar series examines some of the online mental health treatment programs that GPs need to know about, focusing on evidence-based programs that have been developed in Australia. The evidence around the efficacy and usefulness of different programs will be discussed along with practical aspects of using the programs.


  • e-Mental Health programs are a useful adjunct to mental health treatment in primary care
  • There is good evidence that patient outcomes improve with the use of e-Mental Health programs
  • A variety of locally-developed e-Mental Health programs are available
  • GPs need to be familiar with the programs their patients are using and be able to recommend the use of these programs appropriately.


GPs and GP registrars who are who are interested in improving outcomes for patients with mental health conditions.

Participants who view the webinar are eligible for 2 QI&CPD Points and 2 Core ACRRM Points. This webinar is MH CPD Adjudicated.