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Critical Bytes - Resuscitated, Now what?

There is a collective sigh of relief as you see a perfusing rhythm come up on the monitor and signs of life. You have just successfully resuscitated someone, but now what?

We know there are key components performed during resuscitation that increase the chances of the patient surviving, neurologically intact. But it is not just what we do during the resuscitation that matters, it is also what happens in the immediate post-resuscitation care phase.

This phase includes stabilising vital functions, preventing further injury, and addressing underlying causes. Additionally, it aims to minimise brain damage, improve neurological recovery, and enhance overall survival rates.

If your patient is not in a tertiary centre, we also have to consider this within the context of transportation to another hospital, or potentially even inter-state. This phase is vital for ensuring the best possible long-term prognosis and quality of life for the patient.

In this webinar we will hear from experts who manage patients in the post-resuscitation care phase and explore the different approaches to stabilising patients for transport, whether that be to CT, ICU, to another hospital or interstate.

Topics include

  • ROSC assessment in the adult and child
  • Management of physiological parameters in the adult and child
  • Organ support including inotropes and ECLS
  • Preparing for transport, what do you need to do to be ‘good to go’?
  • Prognostication, the early conversations with families and goals of care
  • Psychological support for yourself, your team, and the family 

This course is formally accredited with the RACGP and ACRRM. 

RACGP Activity Number: 807907

ACRRM Activity Number: 33619

Course Educators
Susan Helmrich
Susan Helmrich

Susan Helmrich RN, DipAppScNsg, BN, CritCareCert, CoronaryCareCert, TraumaNsgCareCert, CertIV(TAE), MN(Ed), GradCert(Ldrshp & Mgt) has extensive experience ...

Grace Larson
Grace Larson

Grace Larson, RN, BN, CertIV(TAE), GradDipClinNurs(PaedCritCare), MAdNursPrac(PaedCritCare), has extensive experience in paediatric nursing, with 13 years in Pa...


Recorded Webinar

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Duration: 2 hours

2 hours of CPD - Educational Activity

Educational Activities: 2 hours

Areas Of Interest: Emergencies, Paediatrics, Resuscitation


Medical Practitioners, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Paramedics

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