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Beyond Skin Deep: Unravelling the challenges of managing eczema

14 February 2024 - Dr Kate Annear


Join Dr Artiene Tatian, dermatologist and Ms Melanie Funk to discuss the impact and burden of eczema on individuals and practical tips for managing patients with eczema. Hosted by Medcast medical adviser, Dr Kate Annear. 

About the Podcast 

Eczema is an increasingly common condition that is often managed in the primary care setting. It usually presents early in life and is often viewed as a minor condition. However, this belies the reality that for many sufferers, eczema can be a debilitating chronic condition. Ongoing management can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive, with patients and their families experiencing physical, mental, emotional, and financial burdens.

This podcast covers: 

  • The impact and burden of eczema on individuals and families in Australia.

  • Some of the challenges that health professionals are facing in treating patients with eczema.

  • Some practical advice that health professionals can take home including clinical tips and suggested resources to use with patients.

  • We will also be introducing the QUM Alliance eczema program and the educational activities that will follow in the coming months.

 This podcast is brought to you by Medcast and the Quality Use of Medicines Alliance. 


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Dr Kate Annear
Dr Kate Annear
Dr Kate Annear MBBS(Hons), DCH, MPH, FRACGP is an experienced GP based in Sydney, specialising in women's and children's health. She has a special interest in public health and medical education. Kate is the clinical lead for all health professional education on QHUB for the QUDTP project. 
Kate was previously a Medical Advisor at NPS MedicineWise where she was involved in the development and implementation of projects including the safe use of medicines for older people and chronic kidney disease. Kate is experienced in hosting webinars and podcasts exploring issues related to the quality use of medicines.

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