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Dr Peter Baldwin is a clinical research fellow and clinical psychologist at the Black Dog Institute. He currently co-leads a national mental health service for healthcare workers, along with leading a clinical trial evaluating a first-of-kind electronic mental health tool for people with intellectual disability. His research background is in technology-enabled mental health care and cognitive neuroscience. He is also a practising clinician, specialising in treating anxiety, trauma and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

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Educator Courses

Webinar 33 - Hoarding Disorder

People who hoard struggle to discard their possessions, which often leads to anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties and even problems with personal health and safety.

Webinar 46 | Collaboration between health professionals: The key to improving patient outcomes

In this webinar we will discuss how GPs, Allied Health Professionals and Pharmacists can effectively work together to improve mental health outcomes for patients.


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