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What should I tell my team about the education we are deploying?

We recommend communicating with your staff to give them a heads-up to expect invitations to the Medcast Platform and what to expect from the education. If your company requires the education to be completed by a certain date this might be wise to include in the email too.

Here is an example email template you could customise to suit your requirements:

Dear All,

Providing learning and development opportunities has always been a key part of the [company] vision and values. We have recently invested further in training, education and CPD resources, purchasing licenses for Medcast online training and education platform. We are really excited about this application as it will provide content and resources that will be suitable for registrars, self-employed doctors, nursing and admin teams.

We will be rolling out this initiative in the next couple of months and will be providing further information and updates on how to use the platform. When you recieve an invitation from Medcast please follow the instructions in the email.

We are hoping that the platform will provide opportunities for us to further streamline our onboarding processes, for compliance training and professional development.

Stay tuned and we will keep you posted!



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