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How to use the subject guide: read the resource related to each of the learning outcomes; identify any gaps in your clinical practice; adapt your clinical practice according to your new learning in consultation with your supervisor


Learning outcomes > resource

On completion of this subject guide, you should be able to:

Recall the causes of dysphagia and how to investigate it in adults >

Carry out the assessment and management of dysphagia in adults >

Utilise the ASSIST tool to assess dysphagia in patients post CVA >$FILE/ASSIST%20Tool.pdf

Coordinate the involvement of speech therapists in the management of dysphagia >



Points for discussion

Have your nursing home patients been assessed for swallowing difficulties in the last 12 months?

What are the 'red flags' when a patient presents with swallowing difficulties? 


These are suggested key learning objectives, and resources for this subject. They will not cover everything you could possibly know. For additional reading, please find further resources on the homepage, and consider your own learning needs for this area


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