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Welcome to SupportGPT

SupportGPT is an online resource including a series of self-directed learning modules for registrars and in-practice teaching activities for use in supervision.


  • An introduction to General Practice
  • Two modules covering the patient consultation
  • 12 modules covering some of the high volume clinical topics you will encounter as a GP
  • A selection of in-practice activities for supervisors and registrars to complete together
  • A series of live webinars to augment the module content
  • A supportive online community forum where topics can be discussed, questions asked and feedback provided by peers, supervisors and medical educators alike. 

For supervisors, there is an RACGP accredited Active Learning Module to assist in the delivery of the in-practice teaching activities.

The clinical topic modules contain:

  • case studies
  • a variety of resources and references
  • a quiz to test your knowledge
  • links to the associated in-practice activities.

Getting the most out of SupportGPT

  • Drive your in-practice teaching by selecting a module to work through then discuss the content and complete the in-practice activities in your supervision session.
  • Use SupportGPT as a resource to complement and extend other general practice education activities.
  • Enhance your knowledge of a topic that has come up in a recent consultation.
  • Test your knowledge of a topic by completing the quiz activities.
  • Discuss your progress through the content with your peers and take advantage of the combined knowledge and shared experience of the SupportGPT community.