KISS - Neuropathic Pain

KISS - Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain is a immensely debilitating but often poorly understood condition. In the past we have turned towards various neurotransmitter-modulating medications to treat what we thought was neuropathic pain. In this KISS, we review the latest clinical definition of neuropathic pain and provide updated medication guidelines for treatment.

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As part of the NB Medical / Medcast Hot Topics workshop series, we produce a range of KISS summaries. Each week we will be sending these out as 'tastes' of the workshops. If you attend the live workshop, you will receive an up to date workbook of 150 evidence based summaries, reviewed yearly and localised for Australia.

Independent education, Australian & international evidence reviewed and summarised into useful 'chunks' by expert GPs, for GPs.

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Medcast Medical Education Team

The Medcast medical education team is a group of highly experienced, practicing GPs, health professionals and medical writers.

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